What I use

Shout out to Wes Bos for the idea of this page, a living document that contains the list of softwares or hardwares I use.

Terminal + Editor

Apps & Services

  • I use primarily Netlify for hosting web-application or PWAs. But according to need, I also switch to Heroku or Firebase for data-driven / fullstack app, or sometimes Surge.sh for static site deployment.
  • Metatags.io to generate useful meta-tags quickly.
  • We use Skype for official communication.
  • I use Chrome as my default browser for synced history across all my devices. I use Firefox when multiple session related things need to be checked or developed. Check on Safari only to resolve -webkit related issues.
  • YouTube Music and Wynk Music (PWA) for my listening habit.


  • Github for revision control. (also for CI/CD integration)
  • PhotoShop for modification or creation of app or website Logos/ Dribbble shots, splash screens (of PWA) and other graphics manipulation related task.
  • FlatIcon for free icons.
  • Postman and Insomnia (for quick tests) for backend/API testing.
  • Gulp task automation tools i.e. pug, scss, js compilation, minification, bundling etc. for plain website development project